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Data privacy & mailing permission I have read the privacy statement is in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Code and hereby agree that:

Payment Policy:
All quoted rates are in Euros per villa per night and are including VAT service charges.
•             Twenty percent (20%) deposit is required to secure the reservation of the villa. 
        If the reservation is cancelled 14 days prior to the arrival date, 
        the Deposit is Non-Refundable.
•             The full payment will be required to be completed 14 days before arrival through 
        the online payment-link (JCC) which will be sent to your e-mail/phone. 
               If the payment is not completed, the reservation will be cancelled.
•             Full balance of accommodation payment is required if the booking is 
        made 14 days prior to the date of arrival.
•             Full settlement of accommodation is required on check-in at the Resort 
        if the booking is made on the date of arrival.
•             Infant from 0-24 months (baby chairs, baby cots can be requested to the villa 
        free of charge). For request, please, contact:

Cancellation policy: 
No Shows and unexpected/early departures are subject to 100% cancellation charges on 
        all booked but unused nights.
•             For cancellations less than 14 days prior to arrival or for cancellations during the guests’ 
        stay, the full amount is Non-Refundable.

Check-in and Check-out Policy:

 Check-in time is 16:00 hours.

Check-out time is 10:00 hours.

The guests are requested to settle their bill during the stay when the amount exceeds 1000€. The Front Desk Team will contact the guest to proceed with payment of the villa’s charges.

Early arrivals and late departures can be arranged at an additional cost and subject to availability direct with the resort team. To request please contact:

Health & Safety



  • The use of BBQ is not allowed at the Villa due to Health & Safety Policy. You can enjoy our service "Chef at Villa". For more details, please, contact Front Office Desk.



  1. Pets shall not be allowed to accompany guest in the properties.
  2. Should a pet be found within a property, the guests will be charged for a deep clean of the entire property, including carpets, beddings, curtains and all furniture. The cleaning charges in this case are: €800.00 Euro
  3. The garden & grounds areas will be checked and the guests will be liable for any costs incurred for any such damage and cleaning caused by a pet allowed into the property by the guests.


    Change of Bookings

  4. The property manager reserves the right for any reason to change or cancel a booked property or any other booked service or event and shall do its best to offer the guests alternative accommodation or service of the same standard as the changed or cancelled one.
  5. Alternatively, the property manager will refund in full, all payments made for the accommodation or service in question. No extra payments or amounts will be due.
  6. For any cancelled and or modified bookings, the property manager shall not be liable in relation to travel expenses, alternative accommodation or services or other expenses that may be incurred by the guests.
  7. It is advised that all guests take out adequate travel insurance. It is the guest’s responsibility to ensure that the insurance cover the guest’s purchases is adequate for the guest’s particular needs.


    Total Number of Guests

  8. On arrival, the guest must be prepared to present the booking confirmation, the receipt email as well as a copy of their passport or identity card, if requested.
  9. The total number of guests (adults and children) must not exceed the number of sleeping places indicated on the Website and or email confirmation of booking.
  10. The substitution of guests during the rental period is prohibited unless previously agreed with the property’s owners, managers, or agents.
  11. The total number of guests allowed to be accommodated at a property is the number confirmed in the booking confirmation and receipt email for that property. No additional guests shall be allowed. If it is found out that additional guests arrived at the property, the property manager can terminate the booking and prohibit the guest(s) from entering the property. In such a case, all payments made in relation to the booking shall be non-refundable. Without prejudice to the aforementioned, if the property manager does not terminate the agreement, he shall have the right to request €200 additionally per person per night.
  12. In case that there are external Guests , invited to a villa by the Guest , the Resort shall be informed in writing and the Guests shall be escorted to the villa ,


    Events, Parties & Third Parties at the properties


  13. The properties are provided to the guests for accommodation purposes only. The guests shall not be allowed under any circumstances to organize parties and or social gatherings and or cause any noise and or nuisance to the adjoining properties and or to the general public, unless otherwise agreed among the parties. If for any reason such a nuisance is caused the property manager has the right to immediately terminate the agreement and evict the guests.
  14. For organizing any events as prohibited by the previous paragraph, such as parties or activities, regardless of the number of guests, which entail and involve the presence in the properties of third parties such as: persons who are not staying in the property, DJ’s, musicians, singers, dancers, performers of all types, caterers or catering companies, restaurants other than restaurants found at Periyiali Resort, cooks and chefs, waiters, and any kind of technicians, is not permitted without a prior  written agreement with the properties’ manager. Without Prejudice of the above Periyiali Resort may provide catering, cooks and chefs, waiters at an extra price.


    Code of Conduct


  15. The actions of all guests staying in a property should not interfere with the enjoyment of the residents of the area.
  16. The use of the swimming pool, music and noise and or or any activity which may cause inconvenience to the property’s neighbors between the hours 23:00 pm and 07:00 am is strictly prohibited.
  17. In the event that a guest or guests behave in a way that is likely to cause distress, danger or annoyance to other residents of the area or damage to any property in the area, the property’s manager reserves the right to terminate the guests agreement immediately and prohibit the guest from entering the property.
  18. The properties’ owners, managers or agents will not be liable for any costs the guests may incur, nor shall the properties’ owners or managers, pay any compensation, nor make any refunds due to this action.
  19. In the event that the guest faces any problems, the guest must immediately inform the property manager in writing by email as well as the property’s owner and or manager and or agent, and the guest must also undertake to do his best to resolve or minimize the problem. The guest should also give the property manager the time necessary to resolve the issue and we shall do its best so as to resolve it.


    Limitation of Liability

  20. Although every effort is made to ensure that the properties are in perfect condition, the property manager shall not be liable for any third party claims, accidents, damage to or loss of personal property or otherwise or for any expenses incurred for any reasons, including changes caused by Force Majeure, regardless of howsoever they may have occurred nor can liability be accepted for injury as a result of the use of any part of the property, howsoever caused. The term “Force Majeure” means any event which we or the supplier or the owner or the agent of the property could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid and such events include war or threat of war, riot, civil strife,  actual or threatened terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, fire, large-scale disease or pandemic, and all other similar events which are not in our control.
  21. The property manager shall not be liable for any accidents resulting in death, injury, illness, loss or damage to a guest’s or visitor’s property (including cars and vehicles) or personal effects sustained by yourselves or any other visitors to the properties during your stay regardless howsoever they may have occurred.
  22. The property manager does not accept responsibility for any services that do not form part of the Terms and conditions.



  23. The properties operate on a non-Smoking policy.
  24. In case of evidence of smoking inside a property, the guests will be charged with the full cost of eliminating the odor of stale cigarette smoke from walls, flooring, carpets, rugs, bedspreads, furniture, curtains, lampshades, clothing, and any other porous material accordingly.


    Swimming Pool & Safety

  25. The swimming pool is used entirely at the guests own responsibility.
  26. The properties’ owners and managers accept no liability for any swimming pool or poolside injuries however caused.
  27. Guests are specifically advised not to allow unsupervised children to use the pool. Children around the pool must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  28. Public use of the swimming pool is not permitted. The pool is only available for use by guests renting and booking the villa and only for the duration that the villa has been booked. No lifeguard services are available and the guest is made aware that any public use of the swimming pool is prohibited and against the law unless a lifeguard is employed. Consequently, the guests shall assume all responsibility in relation to any accident and or death resulting from the swimming pool use.
  29. Glass is not allowed in the pool area at all times.



  30. The above booking and rental terms and conditions are applicable to and at all properties and any other services advertised on this website or provided by the property manager.
  31. The property manager reserves the right at any time to change any of the terms and conditions contained herein or any information contained in its Website.
  32. Any such changes will appear on the individual pages of the Website and/or on this page. By using the Website, the guest agrees in advance to accept above conditions and any such changes.
  33. In case of discrepancy in, or dispute to any of the terms & conditions published in other languages on this website, the English version text shall prevail.


    Law & Jurisdiction

  34. These terms and conditions will be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of The Republic of Cyprus, and any disputes relating to these terms and conditions will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of The Republic of Cyprus.
  35. No claim arising from the guests’ stay in the property or in accordance with the present agreement shall be brought in any other jurisdiction apart from the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Cyprus.
  36. Any written judicial or extra-judicial notice may be sent to the latest written known address of any of the Parties, and the Party will be deemed to be notified for the purposes of this Agreement, by virtue of e-mail and or fax and or registered letter and or court bailiff or private bailiff.
  37. All the terms of this Agreement are considered by the Parties to be of the essence of the contract and thus breach of any such term by either Party shall give to the innocent Party the right to terminate the Agreement and claim damages without prejudice to any other contractual or legal remedy of the innocent Party against the other, in accordance with the remaining terms and conditions of the present Agreement.
  38. This present Agreement is drawn in the English language and both Parties declare that they have read and understood the entire content.
  39. The word “he” will also mean “she” and it may refer to a corporation and the expression “guest” will be interpreted to the plural when the guests are more than one and in such a case breach by one guest will be treated as breach by all.
  40. If any term or other provision of this Agreement is invalid, illegal or incapable of being enforced by any law, regulation or public policy, all other terms and provisions of this Agreement shall nevertheless remain in full force and effect so long as the economic or legal substance of the transactions contemplated herein is not affected in any manner materially adverse to any Party.
  41. This Agreement constitutes the entire and only agreement between the Parties relating to the subject matter of this Agreement and supersedes any prior drafts, memorandums of understanding, oral agreements and undertakings, representations, orally or in writing, in relation to this Agreement.
  42. Waiver of the breach of any provision of this Agreement will not operate or be construed as a waiver of any other or subsequent breach.  No failure or delay in exercising any right, remedy or power under this Agreement will operate as a waiver of any other right, remedy or power.