Front View Villa Artemis - 11

This villa is prominently located at the Seafront of Konnos bay and features luxury lifestyle facilities and upscale technology, ensuring memorable holiday experience.


  • Property code: FR11
  • Bedrooms: 5
  • Bathrooms: 6
  • Maximum guests: 10
  • Covered area: 393㎡
  • Total area: 574㎡


In ancient Greek Mythology, Artemis was the goddess of the hunt, the wilderness, wild animals, nature, vegetation, and many others.  She was heavily identified with Selene, the moon, and Hecate, and was thus regarded as one of the most prominent lunar deities in mythology.  She would often roam the forests attended by her large entourage, mostly made up of nymphs, mortals, and hunters. Villa 11 is inspired by Artemis since the Villa stands among a natural park and Konnos beach. 

Feel like Artemis at your Villa!


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